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Tai Pei (Advertising Media Strategy Final Project)

For our final project for Advertising Media Strategy, we had to do a final project on a frozen food brand: Tai Pei. Throughout the semester we became very familiar with the brand, where we finally managed a budget and finished the project with a media plan. 

These were the budget amounts our team ended up having for Tai Pei. From our research, we ended up with these budgets by researching topics such as outdoor, tv spots, direct mail research and much more.

From this media flowchart, you can see how we presented our divided budget to different months, and also took advantage of some months compared to others. You can get a better idea of why we came up with these prices from the media plan below. 

For a full detailed look at the items shown on this page, click on the link to the right to see the entire media plan for Tai Pei.