Omega X (Advertising Creativity Final Project)

The final project for my Advertising Creativity class, my group was tasked with making a project where we create a company, manage its social media, and have a final presentation showcasing all of our work. These were the results of our final project.

For the project, we made mockup videos to give a more detailed example on what our company was all about. In the first video, we created it with a more humorous tone in mind. The second video, however, is presented as a more wondorous tone, where you can take everything in about how space can be such a substantial, but also incredible, place. 

For social media, Snapchat seemed to be the best option to attract our audience, as we easily integrated the features we promised with our brand onto the app. With Snapchat,  we created several filters, such as making yourself look like an alien and putting a space helmet on your head.  

We also created a mockup application that had a few uses, such as a chat system that made it possible to talk to others about everything space, a 360-degree simulation, and a VR application associated with the mockup app.

We also created a website mockup for Omega X. The website includes most of the examples shown on this page, along with much more material.


Our slideshow presentation is also accessible.