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DoorDash (Wavemaker Intern Project)

Several other interns and I were tasked on creating a quarter-long campaign with a monumental budget, to see what we could accomplish for an advertisement campaign in that time period. With several unique ideas and activations up our belt and only a week focused on the media plan, this was the work we presented to those that work for the DoorDash client.

Our main idea for the DoorDash campaign ended up being the 'Chief Ordering Officer'. DoorDash's main differentiator to its competitors is that it is one of the only apps that utilize group ordering. DoorDash at the moment does not actively advertise this feature, so our group thought we should focus our campaign on this subject. The 'Chief Ordering Officer' idea came from the belief of when you are in a group there is always one person that takes lead and makes sure everyone is okay, basically the mom of the group. This ended up being the basis for most of our activations and campaign overall.

Our strategy for this campaign was to focus on the group ordering aspect of DoorDash. Our main communication objective was to make DoorDash the only app our audience thinks of when ordering for a group. Because none of the other competitors could combat this, as they do not have this feature in their app or it is not a well-known component, it makes it possible for DoorDash to have that one key feature to make them have the one up on their competition. 

To identify our audience in the media plan, we chose two concept characters, Karla and Justin. Karla is a proactive planner, where she makes sure everything is planned ahead of time, as she has a lot on her plate, as she is in the middle of her career and has a family. Justin is a bit younger and is also single, so he is a bit more ambitious compared to Karla. Also busy with work, he chooses to use food delivery apps to save time on not having to cook. 

A couple of the activations that were part of our media plan including these two: Picnic at the Park and Celebrate your C.O.O. Picnic at the Park focuses on weekend-based activations where DoorDash sets up booths around parks, encouraging group events courtesy of DoorDash.








For Celebrate your C.O.O., this focuses much more on the main idea for the campaign, which is celebrating the 'mom' friend of the group. This activation also includes a partnership with edible arrangements and sommecards, and would be during the holiday season where presents are much more common. 

For our budget allocation for this campaign, we ended up having a significant part of our budget dedicated to TV. With social and video being very popular for advertising at the moment, we got a lot of questions on why to focus on TV. The main reason was that because we have such a huge budget to work with, we are able to experiment with a market that our competitors are not really a part of. Social and video, from the numbers, have a good amount for only a quarter-long campaign.





We split up the quarter by month, having streaming TV and audio during the first and third month, and display during the last three months. All of the other media types were present during the whole campaign. 

Here is the final presentation for the DoorDash presentation: