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Busch Gardens (Advertising Campaigns Final Project)

For the main project of our Advertising Campaigns class, it involved creating a campaign for Busch Gardens, where we actually showcased the work to higher-ups of the company. Here is some of the slides from the presentation we presented to Busch Gardens.

‘Where Else?’ was the tagline for our campaign. Our class decided on this tagline based on what we thought Busch Gardens should focus their advertisements on, which was to showcase their unique attributes as a theme park which could not be seen or experienced at their competition, specifically Universal Studios Orlando and Walt Disney World. As Busch Gardens has thrilling roller coasters and a variety of animal exhibits to visit, we thought it would a great idea to emphasize this in our marketing campaign.

With Busch Gardens being our main project for the semester, we wanted to get to the bottom of the positives and negatives of Busch Gardens, what they were doing right, and what they could improve on or remove entirely. We found that their main challenge was engaging towards millennials, a vast market that is quickly becoming the demographic to cater towards. From our research, we figured out that millennials would rather stay in rather than enjoying outside activities, such as using streaming services and playing video games.

From the two advertisements shown here, we wanted the main idea to show that riding on Busch Gardens main attractions really did feel like you were racing against a cheetah or going through the pyramids in Egypt. We wanted our audience to know that if they went to Busch Gardens, they could experience these thrilling moments, with no other place coming even close to comparing.

We wanted our out of home advertisements to have a similar theme to the previous advertisements shown. With the creative possibilities out of home advertisements offer, we wanted to bring the epic experience of Busch Gardens to everyday areas. The two advertisements shown showcase an elevator and a sidewalk, with paintings shown on the bottom of the elevator and sidewalk to simulate you actually being that high and to emphasize the extreme heights of these attractions.

We decided for our campaign that we would focus more on the digital side, specifically a 60/40 split with traditional. Doing this made it so we would have a better reach and frequency with digital, a form of communication that is used heavily by millennials.


The DMAs we ended up focusing on were places where our demographic was present, which coincidentally was also near universities and other competitors to theme parks.  

The picture is our flowchart for the Busch Gardens campaign. Out of home ended up being where most of the money was spent, with digital being a close second. Radio was last, with its ever-declining popularity and its lack of significant use to our targeted demographic being the main reason for low spend. Our ultimate cost for the campaign was $4,980,000, just shy of our original $5,000,000 budget.

Here is the final Presentation for the Busch Gardens campaign: