MAIP Blog #1:

Going into MAIP, I chose Media as my discipline. Even though from my past internships I have minimal experience outside of class of media, but I have always had an interest in the subject. My past internships included social media, copywriting, and account management, so I have had a diverse role in agencies. One of my past internships was media buying, but I was much more interested in media planning. So, because I ended up at a media agency, Wavemaker, with very notable clients, I was much more excited than I was before. Going into my first day, it was easy to ease into work, as they treated as I was new to everything they were teaching me, which really helped. They saw what I was most interested/most comfortable in doing and tried to pave me in that direction. I work mostly with the planning team, but I try to get around and talk to other teams, including content and investment. The first week was mostly back-to-back meetings, that was honestly overwhelming at times, but after this, it was relaxing for a bit, and now I started work and am enjoying what I am doing. A lot of people in the program say that they would love to work in New York right after graduating, but I will possibly go back to Florida and find a job there. New York can be hectic, and Florida is very different in terms of the environment. I am about to finish my first rotation at work, with my second being with Data Sciences. So far, it is a great experience and I am very grateful to have had this experience that I know will help me wherever I end up in the advertising industry.

MAIP Blog #2:

Work is obviously fun, but MAIP is not just about that from what I have seen. It is also about the experiences and connections you make while discovering a whole new place. Even though I have been to New York before, as I have family that is from Long Island, I have never lived in the city, or a city of the same caliber that New York City is. The first few days here before work started a lot of us MAIPers explored so much of the city. Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Downtown Manhattan, there was so much to discover, and spend a lot of money on. New York really is what you expect, and much more after that. One of the best aspects I have noticed about being in MAIP has been the relationships I have quickly made. From people I know that have done MAIP in the past, they said the made great relationships from people during the MAIP year and still have those people as close friends and networking opportunities. Putting so many diverse people into one place and putting them all into student housing really does make people become open to others. We all have something in common, and it is having the opportunity to be in a program and being in an area that we are not very used to. Even though it is only been about a month, I feel that this program has been a lot longer than it has been, and that is great. Two months is a short time to intern at an agency, but it is what you do with that short time is what can really help you out for your future career.