About Me

Mauro Orellana


Hello! My name is Mauro Orellana. You can see a picture of me if you turned your eyes a little to the right. This page is just a little about me.


I had an early start in the advertising industry when I began working for my father’s company, Mauro’s Air Conditioning and Heating Inc., overseeing his website design and online platform. Through past internships, I have obtained skills such as managing search engine optimization for several web pages, handling social media outlets, assisting in coordinating and monitoring media plans, aiding in budget preparation and allocation, as well as establishing productive contacts.  


In my advertising classes, I have had training by creating media plans and mockup websites. Not only have I learned the technicalities of the profession, but I have also developed a keen ability to problem solve and work independently with little oversight. I am collaborative, analytical, and have a great sense of the varying audiences for advertising.


With my exceptional communication skills, competence with applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, experience with website construction and development software such as WordPress and Wix (which I made all of this with), I have a lot to offer. 


When not focusing on schools and internships you can find me locked in my room playing video games or watching some random movie from the 80s. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and having a great night in with a blanket and a book, even though this might be a little irrelevant for this type of about me page.